Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#52 - Xmas Christmas

The very observant among you will notice that I've skipped a few themes and a few weeks.  I got down to the most difficult (for me) themes and just ran out of steam.

For my last post of the year, I give you a version of our house in Ontario rendered snow-covered through the miracles of Photoshop Elements and a tutorial by Matt Kokloowski (sp?) - I think. 

Christmas is over, the New Year is almost upon us and so I would like to thank my faithful followers here on blogspot over the past year and to wish you all the best in the coming year.

I am moving to Wordpress for 2013 and you can find my blog on

At least I hope you will be able to...  I fought with Wordpress before giving up and going with blogspot this year but am determined to master it this time.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

#47 Treasure

Unashamedly, I'll admit that this week's post has come from my archives. 

My parents and I had two shared memorable occasions - their anniversary and my birthday.  So every year, there was a double celebration on the day, or near to it.  Being born on their 5th wedding anniversary, as a little girl I had been known to tell people that "I was born on my Mummy's wedding day!", which didn't sit too well with little old ladies who I told... 

Each year, from 2004 until 2011, a family picnic was held, the 2004 one being the occasion of Mum & Dad's 65th anniversary.  Sometimes, someone would even remember to wish me a Happy Birthday but I didn't mind. 

In July 2007, Dad died at the good age of almost 90 but leaving my nearly blind Mum alone in the assisted residence where they had moved just 2 years before.  Although she was devastated at his loss (they had been sweethearts since she was 14!), she carried on, with the help of my sister, myself and full-time care workers who we hired, but eventually passed away in August 2009, also nearly 90.  She was lost without her beloved Doug and I like to think of them as being reunited now.  When Dad died, they had been married for 66 years, 10 months and 20 days - quite an accomplishment!

This photo was taken at the family picnic in 2006, the last time we had our pictures taken together on our big day - and there were many of them, I can assure you.  So for me, it's one that I treasure - and that, for me, fits this week's theme. 

I used an OnOne Photo Essentials 3 acid burn frame.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

#46 Justice

After much thought, I decided that "justice" can be construed in many different ways.  I suppose that means that I'm starting to think more outside the box than I did before I started this venture.

There is an historic landmark in Lake Wales, Florida where you will find a beautiful carillon tower surrounded by lovely gardens and an equally historic house that is open to the public.

To "do justice" to the tower is just not possible in camera format; you have to see it to appreciate its beauty and the work that went into its creation.  Not extremely large or pretentious, nevertheless its amazing colouration and decorative detail lends itself nicely to a plethora of scope for photographic views.  (Am I waxing too poetical here...?!)

Hence I decided the best way to fulfil this week's challenge was to present you with a variety of shots - just a few of many, I can assure you - of this beautiful tower in a "storybook" form.

To appreciate the tower to its fullest, visit its website at

Thank you to Kim Klassen for supplying the storybook framework that I used here.

Monday, November 5, 2012

#45 Yummy

The year is getting older and I'm having to dig into the archives to fill up its last weeks...

There's nothing very "yummy" out there right now but back in the summer, we enjoyed an inordinate number of desserts just like this:  fresh strawberries and raspberries on a sponge cake cup.   I can taste them now, just looking at them.  With just the finest dash of sugar and a topping of vanilla yogurt - mm, mm good!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

#44 Love

It's time I got back to some people pictures so here's my 'Love' theme one.

My youngest nephew and his girlfriend are deeply in love and I think this photo of them shows that.  They're all dressed up for a Hawaiian-themed family picnic.  Don't they look great?!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

#43 Warning

In keeping with the season, I offer this image for the "Warning" theme.

After having taken part in the Tillsonburg edition of Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk last Saturday - was that just a week ago?! - I was on the lookout for photo opportunities around town when I walked in to a dentist appointment during the past week.  Since we're nearing Hallowe'en, these decorations (I added the pumpkin from the photo walk and created its 'carving' in PSE 10 ) seemed to fit the bill very nicely.

I applied a Topaz Adjust 5 'Glow in the Dark' filter to it and let some light show through the windows to increase the spooky feel.

A week or two to go yet, but Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012

#42 - Zany

Still on a nature theme this week, people.

I took part in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday - a great morning out with just nine of us, lead by pro photographer Danny Bailey around the hidden treasures of Tillsonburg, Ontario.  (Check out my Flickr blog with more photos here )

Danny took us through some rough terrain alongside a river and he must have really done his homework because he took us straight to this find.  I'm using it for my "Zany" theme because it's crazy how the tree has grown around the chassis of whatever this vehicle once was.  What was also crazy is that, surrounding the wreck, were numerous discarded children's sneakers - kind of creepy!

I'm sure there are lots more of you who took part in the Photo Walk on the week-end and I'd love to see your shots from it!